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managing deer damage

Do you feel as though your property has become the most popular place on the block for deer to feed? Many of us have deer living just beyond our backyard's border. Many shrubs and delicate perennial plants that we as homeowners plant are very appetizing to deer. It is not unusual to find deer browsing in our yards, eating perennials to the ground, and the tender growth of yews, arborvitae, etc. nibbled back to the bare branch.

The honest answer to this problem is there is no simple answer. There are 3 main ways to repel deer:

  • Encircle your property in a high fence
  • Use motion detection devices (noise & squirting water) to scare the deer
  • Use sprays on your landscape to repel the deer

We provide the service of applying a deterrent spray to your landscape at different times throughout the year. This will provide adequate protection to your landscape.

Please call us today to discuss how we may help you discourage deer from browsing on your plants.