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tree care calendar


Winter Tree CareDecember

  • Have your trees inspected for broken branches, hazards and defects
  • Begin thinking about your winter-time tree related projects - we work year-round!
  • Grind stumps in your yard
  • Make holiday decorations from trees and shrubs in the yard
  • Shape younger evergreen trees
  • Fine prune Japanese Maples and other specimen plants
  • Trim holly for use in holiday decorations
  • Apply anti-desiccant to broadleaf evergreens
  • Apply deer deterrent
  • Keep bird feeders well stocked
  • Visit Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square


  • Happy New Year!
  • Have your trees inspected for safety, ice and storm damage
  • Prune Elm trees to avoid Dutch Elm disease
  • Schedule inspection of ornamentals and shrubs for scale insects
  • Prune later summer blooming trees, shrubs and vines
  • General dormant safety pruning
  • Take advantage of frozen ground for tree removal
  • Clean out those woods or unsightly areas in your yard
  • Take care of tree work that you held off on doing this past summer (it isn't going to go away)
  • Feed the birds
  • Try using sand on ice instead of salt, your plants will thank you!


  • Have your trees inspected for safety, ice and storm damage
  • Cut vines on trees
  • Prune fruit trees to enhance fruit production
  • Have us inspect your Tree Cables and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Assess landscape with your arborist
  • Feed the birds
  • Install Bat Boxes for the upcoming mosquito season; a natural, low-cost & low maintenance method to reduce mosquito problems
  • Walk through the Morris Arboretum this month
  • Happy Valentine's Day!


Spring Tree CareMarch

  • General pruning and thinning of vigorous growing trees
  • Remove all protective guards used for rabbit and deer damage
  • Complete fruit tree pruning and tree maintenance
  • Prune any late season storm damage
  • Begin pruning late summer flowering plants
  • Great time for transplanting and relocating trees and shrubs
  • Time to have your hemlocks, pines, spruces and firs inspected for cool season mites
  • Review our 2014 IPM Proposals. If you haven't received yours, call us today!
  • Schedule spring fertilization for your trees and shrubs
  • Call us for a walk-through to develop an IPM Program for your trees and shrubs.
  • Early dormant spraying (fruit trees, etc.) may be needed
  • Service your lawn mower and roto-tiller
  • Begin a program of treating ticks to protect your family and pets
  • Attend the Philadelphia Flower Show, March 1-9, 2014
  • Time to begin visiting the garden centers!


  • Have your trees pruned before opening your pool.
  • Inspect Cherry & Purple Plum trees for tent caterpillars
  • Aesthetic pruning of smaller ornamental trees to develop best branch structure
  • Perform rejuvenation pruning on summer flowering shrubs
  • Have your trees inspected for disease and damaging insects and treat as needed
  • Have your evergreens inspected for scale & mite insects
  • Treat roses for control of Rose Rosette Virus
  • Schedule your spring fertilization
  • Ash trees need to be treated for protection from the Emerald Ash Borer
  • Treat the Beech trees for control of bark disease
  • Time to get out and enjoy your garden!
  • Plant new perennials and summer flowering bulbs
  • April 22nd – Celebrate Earth Day!
  • April 25th, Arbor Day, plant that tree!
  • Be sure to attend Delaware Valley College A-Day during the last weekend of the month


  • General tree and shrub maintenance pruning
  • Have your trees inspected for disease and treat as needed
  • Treat azalea and other landscape plants for mites, aphid and lace bug
  • Deep root fertilization is necessary for low vitality trees
  • Treat for ticks to protect your family and pets
  • Apply deer deterrent
  • Time to look at the top of your Pin Oaks for white leaves - a sign of the Scarlet Oak Sawfly
  • Plant your hanging baskets and annuals after last frost


Summer Tree CareJune

  • General tree maintenance pruning
  • Inspect and treat trees for defoliating caterpillars
  • Keep a close watch for pests and disease in the landscape
  • Have us inspect and treat your landscape plants for warm season mites
  • Inspect your property to eliminate standing puddles of water that breed mosquitos
  • Replant your herb garden with new seedlings
  • Attend Bucks Beautiful Kitchen & Garden Tour


  • Your trees & shrubs should be looking their best for the 4th!
  • Don't forget to water newly planted landscape trees and shrubs
  • Time to prune trees that are shading your pool
  • Remove dead trees
  • Prune deadwood from trees, prune shrubs
  • Time to control bagworms
  • Inspect and treat for Japanese beetles
  • Keep an eye on those Pin Oak trees for 'white' leaves at the top – call us to inspect them
  • Treat azalea and other landscape plants for mites, aphid and lace bug
  • We would be happy to inspect your trees and treat for Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Treat your woods edge for ticks
  • Sit back under the shade of your trees and relax!


  • Time to prune low hanging branches from the roof of your home and vehicles
  • Prune deadwood from trees
  • Remove dead trees
  • Take advantage of dry ground for tree removal
  • Water lawn and landscape plants during dry spells.  Infrequent deep watering is better than frequent light watering
  • Treat azalea and other landscape plants for mites, aphid and lace bug
  • Treat your woods edge for ticks
  • Last vacation month before school starts


Autumn Fall Tree CareSeptember

  • Time to prune your trees
  • Have us evaluate your trees for potential hazards before winter arrives
  • Time to fertilize trees and landscape shrubs
  • Have us inspect and treat your pines, hemlocks, spruce and fir for cool season mites
  • Treat landscape for ticks
  • Time to treat your Ash trees for control of the Emerald Ash Borer for the up-coming year
  • Enjoy the start of fall colors
  • Look forward to those clear, brisk fall days!


  • Formative tree pruning to develop best branching structure
  • Prune deadwood from trees
  • Start planning winter landscape work
  • Plant new trees and shrubs, please call, we are always happy to advise
  • Great time to transplant existing trees and shrubs
  • Time to fertilize trees and landscape shrubs
  • Begin Dormant oil sprays
  • Clear rain gutters of leaves and debris
  • Time to put out the winter treatment for tick control
  • Time to have firewood stacked and dry-stored
  • Visit the Arboretum at Delaware Valley College


  • Trim your trees from buildings, lamp posts, walkways and driveways to eliminate branch damage from winter storms and to deter squirrels from entering your home
  • Mow your lawn one last time, cutting grass short for winter, hallelujah!
  • Remove leaves from lawn, it makes a great compost additive
  • Place protective guards on small trees and shrubs to help prevent rabbit & deer winter damage
  • Winterize lawn mower and roto-tiller
  • Service snow blower
  • Happy Thanksgiving!