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Tree Pruning Services

To maintain the safety, beauty, and value of your trees, routine pruning is beneficial. Brooks & Barber's arborists are experienced in the pruning of trees. At Brooks & Barber, we utilize several types of pruning.

Mature Tree Pruning

This process begins with an evaluation of the tree by one of our Certified Arborists. With the customers' needs in mind, our Certified Arborist's pruning proposal may include:

  • Pruning of hazardous and diseased branches
  • Pruning of deadwood
  • Pruning selected branches as requested by the client
  • Pruning out rubbing or crossing branches
  • Pruning of excessive sucker growth on trunks and branches
  • Trimming branches away from the home for reduced building maintenance
  • Trimming branches away from lamp posts and outdoor lights for safety on the grounds
  • Pruning low hanging branches or limbs which pose a potential hazard and reduce sunlight to lawn creating soil erosion.

Small Tree Pruning

The ideal time to assist your trees in their growth and development is when they are young. The goal is to develop a young tree with a strong single trunk with well-spaced, sturdy branches. As part of our tree pruning project:

  • Branches up to 10" in diameter are chipped and removed by our truck from the job site.
  • The work areas are raked clean of our twigs and debris.
  • Hard surfaces are blown clear of our wood chips and debris as well.

Our over-all pruning goal is to make your trees safe and an asset to your property.